Hip Injury

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slider1As with all joints in the body, the hip is designed to withstand consistent repeated motion. The largest ball and socket joint in the body, the hip should allow for fluid movement of the legs and lower torso. A cushion of cartilage is present between the ball and socket of the hip so that it prevents friction from constant movement and use. However, with age the cartilage of the hip socket can wear down or become damaged, as well as the muscles of the hip becoming overused. The hip can be fractured during an injury or fall. Any damage to the hip can cause pain when walking, twisting, or changing positions. Sovereign Rehab offers patients hip injury rehabilitation in order for them to gain relief from their hip discomfort.

A successful and appropriate exercise program is one of the best ways to treat a hip injury. Our certified therapists are trained to use specific exercises to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip joint in order for patients to fully recover and gain the needed strength for the hip to function properly. Because many of our patients with hip problems are older adults whose hip problems have developed gradually, you will be glad to know that our exercise program for hip injuries includes a gentle approach with proven results.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are proud to serve all of our patients with a comprehensive approach. Even though many hip injuries are “typical injuries,” we always treat our patients on an individualized basis. No two people have the same tolerance for pain – what is excruciating to one person may simply be uncomfortable to another, and visa versa. Our licensed manual and occupational therapists are here to guide our patients back to full function of the hip as quickly as possible. Call Sovereign Rehabilitation today to set up an appointment.

Posted on behalf of Alan Grodin, PT, MTC, Sovereign Rehabilitation

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