Rehabilitation for Your Child or Teen

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer physical therapy for adolescents and teens. The rehabilitation focused on children and teens is a bit different for several reasons.

  • Your child or adolescent is still growing.
  • Children tend to have a shorter attention span.
  • Their biggest fans, YOU – the parent, typically accompany children.


Is The Water Calling Your Name This Summer?

If we were to search for you during the summer, where would we typically find you? Most Atlanta residents search for water to keep cool during these hot summer days. Did you know that the average temperature for July in Atlanta is in the low 90s accompanied by a lot of humidity? Sometimes water is the only answer to the summertime “Hotlanta” days. (more…)

Preventing Golfer’s Elbow With An Active Warm-up


Atlanta GA Sports RehabilitationHow’s your golf game this summer? What’s your goal for improving your score or handicap? Perhaps Golfer’s Elbow is preventing you from any golf improvements for the summer? If you’re experiencing Golfer’s Elbow, Sovereign Rehabilitation is proud to be your trusted source for expert Golfer’s Elbow treatment and rehabilitation in Atlanta.

Golfer’s Elbow causes you to experience pain and inflammation in the tendons that connect your forearm to your elbow. Overusing your muscles in your forearm that allow you to grip, rotate your arm and flex your wrist typically causes it. This motion can cause you to experience pulls or small tears in those tendons. (more…)

Common Signs and Symptoms of Vertigo


Atlanta GA Physical TherapistIf you’re suddenly experiencing balance and dizziness issues, you may have something called Vertigo. Vertigo is a feeling of being imbalanced. You may also be experiencing dizzy spells, having the sensation that you are spinning or the ground is spinning around you.

Vertigo is usually caused by an inner ear problem such as BPPV (calcium particle forming in the canals of your inner ear, Meniere’s disease (buildup of fluid and changing pressure in your ear), or Vestibular neuritis (an infection in the inner ear). You can also experience Vertigo if you have a head or neck injury, stroke or tumor. Some medications can cause ear damage. Migraine headaches can even lead to Vertigo. (more…)