10 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

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slider1It can be daunting to make those big changes we think we need to make when it comes to losing weight, staying active, or eating healthier. Goals like, “lose 20 pounds this month,” or “No more sugar in my diet,” seem huge and unattainable, and that can make it hard to find the motivation to even get started.

The truth is though, when it comes to your health, lasting change is made through a serious of tiny, conscious choices made every day – things that are so simple and small, you might already be doing them!

If you’re looking for little ways to give your health a big boost, consider these tips.

  • Replace one sugary soda or juice with water each day.
  • Take 10 minutes out of your lunch break to go for a quick walk, even if it’s just around the parking lot.
  • Swap out one processed snack a day for a fresh fruit or vegetable and nuts.
  • Take 5 minutes of every working hour to stand up and stretch — even if you have to walk to the restroom or break room to do it.
  • Nip a bad mood in the bud by taking a second to write down three small things you’re grateful for. Post them on the fridge or by your desk. If it works, try it once a day for a week.
  • Aim to get in bed 30 minutes earlier one night this week. Try for two nights, then three. Consider making it an hour earlier if you’re able.
  • Smile for no reason. The physical act of upturning your lips has been shown to boost your mood and reduce stress, even if you have nothing in particular to smile about.
  • Take the stairs when you can, or park your car a few spots further back in the parking lot.
  • Get outside for 10 to 20 minutes each day, just to feel the sun.
  • Try a healthy hobby. Activities like gardening, knitting, even coloring, offer surprising benefits for your health, and are fun, simple, and cheap to do.

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