3 Low-Impact Moves to Ease Pain

Gait training physical therapyWhen we’re injured or dealing with a chronic, painful condition, it can be tempting to resign ourselves to the couch. But the truth is, gentle, low-impact movement can actually help increase your recovery time when done correctly, and ease painful systems associated with your injury or condition.

Give these three options a try:

Swimming and water aerobics. Swimming and moving under water are excellent options for people dealing with chronic pain, because the buoyancy helps to reduce injury-inducing resistance, and takes some of the stress off of your muscles and joints – and while building up strength and alleviating pain.

Yoga and gentle stretches. Yoga and gentle stretches help slowly build-up strength in the body – especially in the back and abdomen, which is great news for those suffering from chronic lower back pain. But yoga does more than help alleviate pain and discomfort. It can also help combat the depression, anxiety and stress that often accompanies recovering from a painful condition or injury.

Nature hikes. Walking is a great all-around low-impact workout for people overcoming pain and injury. But when it’s taken into the great outdoors, the benefits may be even greater. Hiking has been shown to help boost bone density, improve balance and strengthen your core. It can also help lower blood pressure and combat stress and anxiety. (Note: If you’re in the process of getting over an injury, or dealing with another type of chronic pain condition, just make sure your hike is simple, and made for beginners so as not to over-tax or re-injure yourself. And take a walking pole for added safety).

It’s also important to remember to consult with a medical professional before trying any new exercise or workout. The licensed, trained therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation can help put together a physical rehabilitation program catered specifically to your needs and ability, to help safely keep you moving and get your back to doing the things you love.

We look forward to helping you make your life feel better!

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