3 Major Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

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Atlanta Sports RehabilitationAfter surgery, you may experience some muscle weakness and stiffness. Surgery puts a strain on the body and the recovery afterward limits your ability for exercise and mobility. Physical therapy can help with the rebuilding and healing process to help you achieve optimal health. Here are three major benefits physical therapy can give you after surgery.

Rebuild Your Range of Motion

Limited mobility after surgery can cause serious health issues without proper care and treatment. Physical therapy can help you rebuild your range of motion through a regimen of exercises and stretches. Special devices like braces and crutches can assist you in your training to increase your mobility after surgery for a quicker recovery.

Regain Your Muscle Strength

Muscle strength can be lost following surgery just like mobility. For older adults, this muscle loss can be permanent without the proper rehabilitation. Physical therapy exercises are designed to help you regain your muscle strength to its normal functioning or better following surgery.

Improve Blood Circulation

When recovering from surgery, your body will be stagnant, sitting or lying down for large portions of the day. This can restrict blood flow and slow down healing. Lack of proper blood circulation can lead to a higher risk of infection and pain levels. Physical therapy can maximize blood flow to assist your body in receiving the nutrients it needs to improve. Controlled exercises and strategic body positioning through physical therapy helps get your blood flowing in a manageable way to get you on your feet faster so you can resume your normal activities.

Achieve Better Overall Health After Surgery with Physical Therapy

If you are concerned about losing your strength and mobility after surgery, you may strongly want to consider physical therapy. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we provide the most advanced physical therapy services to help you achieve better overall health. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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