3 Tips for Managing Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence Issues Atlanta GADealing with bladder leakage you can’t control is embarrassing. Millions of men and women of all ages are affected by this problem. However, they suffer in silence because they find it awkward to bring up, even to their doctors. If you’re suffering from this issue, there are things you can do to help prevent accidental leaks. Here are three tips to help you manage and reduce urinary incontinence.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking less fluids in order to prevent urinary incontinence can be counterproductive. If you don’t drink enough water throughout the day, your urine can become concentrated. This irritates the bladder and increases urgency. Aim to drink at least six 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Avoid drinking beverages that can be irritating to the bladder, such as caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

You can tell whether or not you’re getting enough water by paying attention to the color of your urine. If your urine is pale yellow, you’re properly hydrated. If it’s darker, you need to drink more.

Keep a Bladder Diary

Keeping a bladder diary can help you pinpoint specific patterns and triggers of urinary incontinence. A few days before you go to your doctor, write down what you drink, when you drank it and how many times you urinated during that time. Also keep track of when you had a bladder leaking episode. This will help the doctor diagnose the cause and determine the best course of treatment.

Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises can benefit both men and women in managing urinary incontinence. These exercises strengthen the muscles that support the bladder to prevent leaks and reduce urgency. To do these exercises, you squeeze your pelvic muscles for a count of three and then relax them for a count of three. Aim to do 10 squeezes three times a day to improve your bladder control.

Urinary Incontinence Therapy

If you need help reducing your symptoms of urinary incontinence, our team at Sovereign Rehabilitation can help. We provide effective physical therapy solutions to prevent and reduce bladder leakage to help you improve your quality of life. Contact us today to find out more about our urinary incontinence therapy services.

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