5 Tips for a Pain-Free Commute

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Sovereign-Logo-Facebook1There are few things worse for back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain than a long commute. But that trek back and forth to work is an unavoidable reality for many of us.

To help make your commute pain-free, consider some of these tips:

Stretch before and after. There’s not much room in the car for stretching, so before you set off, take a couple of minutes to stretch your lower back, shoulders, and neck. This will help to lubricate joints and muscles, and reduce tightness and pain. 

Pay attention to your posture. Sitting in a slouched, bent, or leaning position can exacerbate back and neck problems. Make sure your seat is situated in a position that allows you to sit tall and comfortably. For added lumbar support, keep a blanket, towel, or pillow in the car that you can roll and place between the small of your back and the seat.

Drink water. Some studies have shown that dehydration can contribute to joint pain and stiffness. So keep a bottle of water with you as you go to and from the office. Water can also help reduce pain by keeping blood and nutrients properly circulating throughout the body.

Breathe deeply. The stress of traffic does little to alleviate existing pain, and road rage can be a real headache. If you find yourself tensing up your neck and shoulders, take a few deep belly breaths and hold for a several seconds each. This type of deep, controlled breathing can help lower heart rate and blood pressure, subsequently reducing tension.

Turn up the tunes. It’s not news that a good song can seriously boost your mood. But a fun jam on the way to work may also help reduce chronic pain. Studies have shown that by triggering the feel-good chemicals in the brain, music may help relieve pain. Music also helps reduce stress, which is a trigger for uncomfortable aches.

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