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Physical Therapy For Adolescent/Teen in Atlanta GAWhile scraped knees and elbows may be a right of passage as children grow up, injuries can cause concern during the adolescent and teenage years. Adolescents’ bodies are still growing and changing and can make treatment of injuries and physical issues complicated to treat. At Sovereign Rehabilitation our therapists are constantly changing up our rehabilitation programs to make them more fun and engaging for our adolescent patients. We understand that having any type of physical injury or issue during these years can cause stress not only on the body, but also on an adolescent’s self-confidence. We work with our patients to provide them the best adolescent physical therapy so that they can gain strength and a higher quality of life.

Sports injuries are highly common during the adolescent years. Adolescents who participate in organized sports are susceptible to accidents and bone, muscle, and tendon injuries because of these parts being overused. High impact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball put a great deal of stress on a growing body. While we at Sovereign Rehabilitation know that adolescents and teens will continue to participate in the sports that they love, we are here to partner with them should the need arise.

Our adolescent and teen physical therapy programs focus on the ever developing and growing body. For patients who are looking to return to sports participation we offer sport specific treatment programs to strengthen the muscles used in that particular area. For teens and adolescents who are just wanting to return to normal function, we off programs that focus on coordination, balance, and strength.

If your child has had a sports related injury or has been involved in an accident, call the specialized adolescent therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation. We are here to make life feel better for all of our patients.

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