After the Injury: Getting Back to Work

Physical Therapist Performing Rehab With Man Atlanta GAGetting back to work as quickly as possible is often a priority for those with work-related injuries. In order to return to work safely and be effective, work conditioning may be required. Sovereign Rehabilitation may be able to help you get back to work soon.

Your Physical and Functional Needs

There are many reasons why a person may have been injured while on the job. Some injuries may be one-time occurrences due to an accident of some sort, while others may have roots in environmental causes such as repetitive movements or working in an unsafe manner.

Going back to the same job without making necessary adjustments when they are needed is not productive. Addressing the functional needs of the recovering worker is the best way to ensure a better outcome once work is resumed. Work conditioning addresses these functional needs and provides a segue from recovery back to the job. Through work conditioning, you learn how to perform job-related tasks in a safe manner. Harm caused by repetitive motions is reduced when you learn how to prevent injury.

Physical therapy addresses the physical needs of a patient when moving from recovery to work. This may entail learning how to work with adjustments, prosthetics, mobility aids or other physical aids correctly to provide a safe and healthy work experience.

Disadvantages of Not Receiving Work Conditioning

There is a saying, “He who ignores history is bound to repeat it.” This is true when returning to a work situation after a job-related injury without considering work conditioning. In some situations, physical therapy will be required in order for a person to return to work; in others, learning how to do job-related tasks safely may be optional.

Without work conditioning, you may be in jeopardy of re-injuring yourself, depending on what tasks you need to perform. Some injuries, when repeated, may eventually lead to permanent tissue damage, which could impact your ability to work. With work conditioning, you become physically stronger and informed on how to perform the necessary tasks with the least impact to your health.

Sovereign Rehabilitation provides patients with work conditioning exercises based on sound and effective practices. Get back to work quickly and in better shape with work conditioning. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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