Age is Just a Number, But You Still Need to Be Careful

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Therapy and Rehab Services Atlanta GA As an older athlete, you have a lot to be proud of and you are still in the game. Your speed and agility may not be what they were a few decades ago, but you are active and vibrant and that says a lot about you. With that being said, it is important for you to realize that your body is going through changes as you age, regardless of all the precautions you take to slow the process.

Awareness of Physical Changes

You may be one of those individuals who pushes yourself to the max. This is how you have always handled things in your life. That’s often a plus; but as you age, it is important to know when to back off a little. Some changes in your aging body can put you at risk for certain injuries. You can be better prepared to avoid injuries when you know about the changes that may affect your performance.

Lowered Capacities

The aging body experiences a decrease in maximum heart rate. What this means is that your heart is not able to pump the same amount of blood to the parts of your body as it once did. Your heart rate may be better than the average senior citizen; however, it is still slower than when you were younger. Consequently, recovery from injuries is slower than it used to be, since the lowered heart rate also affects the body’s ability to heal itself.

Likewise, your body is not carrying the same amount of oxygen as it once did. Lung capacity also decreases with age, which limits strength and endurance. Again, you may be operating at a higher capacity than your peers, but it is important to remember that the decrease in oxygen levels can affect your decision-making capacity.

Loss of Elasticity

If you have some wrinkles and your skin is a little saggy, you have evidence of loss of elasticity. This also happens with tendons and ligaments. This can lead to some loss of coordination and flexibility. Stretching exercises before your workouts will help keep your body in shape. It will also help to reduce the risk for injuries.

Staying in shape and getting plenty of exercise are important for physical and mental health. Being active also helps elevate your mood. Keep doing those things you enjoy doing and remember to listen to your body.

When your body needs help because of overuse or an injury and you need pain relief, call us. The team at Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to help you feel better.

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