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Ankle Sprain Treatment in Atlanta GAAnkle injuries are among the most common injuries that people face. A turned or sprained ankle can happen to the most fit people, the most careful people, and even those who try to avoid any type of strenuous activity. Many ankles have been injured from stepping off a step the wrong way or walking through a yard and stepping in a hole that was not visible. However, even though ankle injuries are common and seemingly simple, they can cause much pain and discomfort during the healing process.

Sovereign Rehabilitation offers treatment and rehabilitation therapy for those with severe sprains or who are finding recovery difficult. Our premier therapists give exceptional care to all of our patients, and they specialize in helping patients with ankle sprains and injuries recover fully. Many people mistakenly believe that once their ankle pain subsides, their ankle has healed. However, most of them find that when they return to their normal activities using their ankles in full capacity that their pain returns, often more severely.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our licensed physical therapists provide expert treatment during all phases of ankle injury rehabilitation. We are dedicated to full recoveries, and we won’t allow our patients to graduate from therapy sessions just because their ankles “feel better.” We are committed to full recoveries that are designed to prevent further and future injuries.

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete or you are a parent chasing after your children, call Sovereign Rehabilitation. We can help you recover from your ankle injury and have you back to your regularly active routine.

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