Atlanta Driver Evaluations

Sovereign Rehabilitation is pleased to offer driver evaluations to the residents of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We are a provider of comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy with locations conveniently located throughout the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. We offer our driver’s assessments as an important service to the members of our community. Our Driver’s Assessment Program resides at our Dunwoody location and is designed to determine whether or not it is safe for an individual to continue driving following an injury, an illness or due to age-related changes.

Who Should Get A Driver Evaluation?

Who should get a driver evaluation? Teenagers, senior citizens and patients who have experienced a major illness or injury can all benefit from a driver evaluation. A typical assessment includes a medical history, vision testing, strength and coordination testing, cognitive screening and a balance assessment along with brake reaction testing using the Vericom™ system for simulated driver skills. Our driver evaluations are beneficial to individuals and their families and may result in adaptations to driving to increase an individual’s safety on the road.

Who Benefits From A Driver Evaluation?

Who benefits from a driver evaluation? The answer is that we all do. Driver evaluations make the roads safer for everyone. For many families, the decision to take away the keys from an elderly relative, a teenager or a family member who has experienced a major illness or injury is a tough one. In these cases, the conversation can become uncomfortable and unavoidable. Our driver evaluations provide an objective measure that can be used by parents, spouses, children of elderly parents and others to determine whether or not it is safe for an individual to continue driving.

If you would like to be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist to assess your driving health status or if you would like to schedule an assessment for a family member, please contact our Atlanta Driver Evaluations Experts or call our Sandy Springs/Dunwoody office at (404) 835-3340.  We look forward to serving you.

* Driver safety assessments are done at the following clinics: Lawrenceville, Dunwoody, Conyers and Decatur