Avoiding Cold-Weather Injuries

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Dunwoody GA Physical TherapistsCongratulations to all of you who haven’t let cold January temps sidetrack you from your fit, healthy lifestyle. It’s tough to get moving when the temperature outside is telling you to stay in and cuddle up!

While we definitely commend you for being committed, we also want to make sure you’re moving and exercising safely in the cold weather, so as to avoid a potentially serious injury.

Chilly temperatures increase muscle and joint tightness – meaning that workouts, sports, and activities that came easy to you in the summer months could be more difficult to do. Plus, that tightness and limited range of motion puts you at a higher risk for strains, sprains, tears, and worse. If you prefer an outdoor workout, you’re also more likely to be exercising in the dark during the winter months, upping your chances for slips and falls over things you can’t see.

To stay safe during your cold-weather workouts:

  • Make more time for a proper warm-up. This will get your blood circulating and loosen you up, which is important when it comes to staying injury-free.
  • Don’t overdress. Piling on coats and jackets might seem like the best thing to do when it’s cold, but it can actually be harmful. All those clothes will cause you to sweat, which pulls heat from your body when it evaporates. Wear moisture-resistant, breathable, layered clothing instead.
  • Arm yourself with the right safety equipment. Snow, sleet, ice patches on the roadways – all these up your chances for getting hurt during your run or other workout. The sun also goes down earlier, which can leave you doing cardio in the dark. Make sure you have shoes with proper traction to avoid falls, and clothing that’s reflective so people can see you.
  • Head to the gym. If it gets too frigid out, head to the gym. This will keep you safe from frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-weather woes.

If you do get hurt, give the experts at Sovereign Rehabilitation a call. From sprains and strains to more serious sport injuries, we’re skilled and experienced in getting you back on your feet quickly and safely, tailoring rehabilitation programs specifically to you.

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