Avoiding Summer Activity Injuries

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Sovereign-Logo-Facebook1From golf, soccer, and other warm-weather sports to pool time and days at the beach – there’s no shortage of opportunities for fun, or injuries, this summer.

Thankfully, there are also some pretty simply ways to stay safe and enjoy the season.

If you’re at the pool or near another body of water…

  • Follow all posted safety guidelines. That means not diving in shallow or murky water, avoiding glass in pool areas, and being mindful of joint and ligament strains and sprains that can result from taking a painful plunge.
  • Keep a close eye on kiddos. Lifeguards don’t can’t always see everything, and it’s your job to keep your children safe.
  • Make sure your pool area is fenced and secured.
  • Never swim alone. And make sure someone in your group is an experienced swimmer, in case an emergency occurs.

If you play a summer sport such as soccer, golf or tennis…

  • Stay hydrated. Injuries are less likely when muscles, joints, and ligaments are lubricated.
  • Warm up. No matter what sport you play, taking the time to stretch and get loose goes a long way in helping to prevent injury.
  • Use proper safety equipment. Whether it’s helmets, shin guards, or simply the right kind of shoe, wearing the right gear can help keep you safe.
  • Know your limits. Not all of us are pro athletes (as much as we’d like to be), and overexertion can be a recipe for injury. Give yourself time to rest between activities and don’t overdo it.

If you do suffer an injury that’s threatening to sidetrack you this summer, call Sovereign Rehabilitation. Our trained and licensed rehabilitation specialists can help put together a program that will get you back on your feet quickly and safely.

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