Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Atlanta Physical Therapy for Pregnant WomenBack pain is a common occurrence for women during pregnancy. In fact, more than half of all pregnant women suffer from back pain at some point throughout their nine months. As a woman’s belly grows throughout pregnancy, the lower back curves more than usual to accommodate the weight out in front. This curving results in strained muscles and back pain. As the uterus continues to grow, it shifts the center of gravity forward as pregnancy progresses and puts even more pressure on the lower back. Hormones also play a role in back pain during pregnancy. A hormone called relaxin causes the ligaments to stretch and joints to loosen to prepare the body for child birth, but this can also lead to back pain because there is more weight and less support on the spine.

Many women are able to stretch and exercise enough during pregnancy so that they can endure their discomfort throughout the duration of pregnancy and find relief once they have given birth. However, some women suffer through severe back pain for at least seven out of the nine months.

Sovereign Rehabilitation is a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation service that is known as Atlanta’s trusted leader. We have physical therapists specializing in women’s health issues at all of our locations. We understand that while pregnancy is a joyous and exciting time for women, it can also present physical challenges that can make those nine months seem long and overwhelming. Sovereign Rehab offers a variety of physical therapy interventions to help women during pregnancy.

Contact us today to get more information about our pregnancy services so that you can begin to find relief and enjoy this exciting time.

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