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Dunwoody GA Physical TherapistsFeelings of uneasiness when walking, wooziness when trying to steady to yourself, sensations of spinning or floating – these are just a few of the symptoms common in balance and dizziness disorders such as vertigo, which are second only to lower back pain in terms of frequency of occurrence for adults. They’re also difficult for medical professionals and sufferers alike to quantify and explain in terms of intensity and frequency. There’s no measure for feeling wobbly, and that can make it hard to treat.

Also, and because of this reason, these symptoms may not seem so serious to those who don’t experience them. But for the many men and women who do live with balance disorders, they can be immobilizing, affecting their ability to simply navigate their day.

If you suffer from dizziness, motion sickness, or anxiety and stress associated with balance issues, your first step should be to a primary care physician to rule out any potential underlying medical causes. Once that’s been determined, consider adding physical therapy and rehabilitation to your treatment plan.

The specialists here at Sovereign Rehabilitation employ a variety of rehabilitation techniques that can help to reeducate specific muscle and nerve systems in your body to lessen your dizziness symptoms. This could include lower-level movement exercises, calming activities, and movement and visual compensation techniques, depending on what’s right for you.

Our goal is to re-steady you, and get your back on your feet living your best life. Give our team a call today to see if our rehabilitation programs may be right for your balance issues.

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