Bell’s Palsy Or A Stroke?

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Atlanta GA Bell's Palsy TreatmentWhich one may have caused your facial weakness? Bell’s Palsy and stroke symptoms can look very similar when looking at their effects on the facial appearance. Here are general guidelines to help you differentiate which one has caused your facial muscle weakness. Always consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis, but here are some clues for you to consider.

  • When looking for sign and symptoms you can observe the face. If the facial weakness is isolated to the lower face, stroke is most likely the cause. If the facial weakness involves both the upper and lower face, you must look for associated signs and symptoms.
  • Bell’s Palsy will usually be found in younger patients, and is more slowly onset.
  • Other common signs and symptoms of Bell’s Palsy that may present within 48 hours of onset are altered sense of taste, slurring of speech, drooling, pain in or behind the ear and, sound hypersensitivity on the side of the paralysis.
  • Additional stroke symptoms usually include changes in level of consciousness, dizziness, loss of coordination, seizure activity, changes in vision, and motor and/or sensory deficits in one or more extremities. Patients experiencing a stroke do not typically present with forehead or eyelid weakenss. Unlike a patient experiencing Bell’s Palsy, patients experiencing a stroke will often retain the ability to blink with both eyes and furrow their brow.

Bell’s Palsy patients might believe they are experiencing a stroke. For this reason the often call EMS. Having a stroke can be a life-threatening condition that requires time-sensitive and invasive treatment plans. However, Bell’s Palsy is not life threatening; up to 90% of patients may have complete recovery.

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