Bell’s Palsy

Atlanta Bell's Palsy TreatmentBell’s Palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles that affects one side of the face. When there is damage to the facial nerve that on one side of the face, the affected side of the face will droop. This paralysis can affect a person’s sense of taste, smell, production of saliva and tears, and severe cases can also impact a person’s ability to see out of one eye. Bell’s Palsy is a condition that typically comes on suddenly, often overnight, and it will usually get better with time.

Sovereign Rehabilitation offers exceptional treatment for Bell’s Palsy. Our licensed physical therapist specialize in helping patients fully recover from their facial paralysis and return to their normal function as quickly as possible. Sovereign Rehabilitation is privileged to have Certified Manual Therapists on staff to increase the efficiency of treatment for our patients with Bell’s Palsy. By using advanced treatment techniques, Sovereign Rehabilitation is able to achieve amazing results for patients who have been affected by Bell’s Palsy. Many patients experience positive results from electrical stimulation of the facial muscles paired with facial movement exercises. Facial neuromuscular re-education is also used as an approach at Sovereign Rehabilitation through guided training sessions of correct movement patterns.

Treating patients who have been affected by Bell’s Palsy is an important program here at Sovereign Rehabilitation. We provide excellent therapy for our patients, and we have multiple locations in and around Atlanta to make it convenient for your to receive treatment.

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