Breast Cancer Awareness and Post-Breast Surgery Therapy


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Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and here at Sovereign Rehabilitation, we’re proud to support survivors with our integrative post-breast surgery services.

Our caring, attentive therapists understand the unique struggles of women who’ve undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and breast reconstruction, and we’re here to offer support throughout the post-surgery process to help women not only feel better, but also get back to living their best lives.

Sports Rehabilitation at Sovereign


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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation DoctorsThis time of year is a favorite for many – and not just because of all the pumpkin-flavored coffees making their seasonal debuts. Fall is football season, and along with tailgates and trash talk comes the increased potential for painful, debilitating  sports injuries.

Football players (the professional, backyard, and school-aged variety) are at risk for suffering a wide-range of slips, falls and collisions each season, leading to conditions such as shoulder tendinitis, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff injury, sprains and repetitive strain injuries, just to name a few.

Pregnancy and Physical Therapy


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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy & RehabilitationThere are few things more thrilling than expecting a little one. Being a mommy-to-be is filled is with joy and excitement and planning with friends, family, and loved ones.

But pregnancy isn’t always smooth sailing. It comes with a specific set of aches and pains that can take a serious toll on your body. Some of the most common aches associated with expecting a new little bundle are back pain and sciatica. These are often caused by your newly shifting center of gravity, and they can weaken your abs, interfere with good posture, and put painful strain on back muscles. These types of pain also make a pregnant woman more susceptible to injury, sending you to the bed or couch for hours at a time.

Work Injury Prevention


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Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsWhether your job requires you to spend eight hours at a desk or demands heavy lifting on your feet, you could be putting yourself at risk for a workplace injury.

Desk jobs and repetitive lifting of heavy objects force us to put pressure on our upper and lower back and spine that can cause troubling, sometimes debilitating back pain. The position we constantly hold our wrists in to type can contribute to painful repetitive stress injuries. Our jobs also frequently make us susceptible to neck strain and musculoskeletal injuries to the knees, legs, and hips.

Beat Balance Issues with Sovereign Rehabilitation


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Dunwoody GA Physical TherapistsFeelings of uneasiness when walking, wooziness when trying to steady to yourself, sensations of spinning or floating – these are just a few of the symptoms common in balance and dizziness disorders such as vertigo, which are second only to lower back pain in terms of frequency of occurrence for adults. They’re also difficult for medical professionals and sufferers alike to quantify and explain in terms of intensity and frequency. There’s no measure for feeling wobbly, and that can make it hard to treat.

Also, and because of this reason, these symptoms may not seem so serious to those who don’t experience them. But for the many men and women who do live with balance disorders, they can be immobilizing, affecting their ability to simply navigate their day.

Reduce Injuries During Recess and After-School Activities


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Atlanta GA Physical Therapists for ChildrenFor most kids, school is already back in full swing. In addition to academics, that means more time outside for school-aged kids and serious after-school practice for teens.

Physical activity is critical for kids. It helps them sleep better at night, improves their concentration, cuts back on behavioral issues and gives their immune system a boost. But it also ups their risk for injury.

Keep your kids safe and injury-free this school year with these tips:

  • Skip out on sandals or flip-flops on the playground, and go for tennis shoes instead. This helps cut back on the likelihood of scary trips and falls. For after-school sports, make sure all gear is functioning properly and fits correctly.
  • (more…)

Put an End to Pelvic Pain at Sovereign


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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation ServicesIt’s estimated that up to one-third of all women will experience pelvic pain at some point in their lives. This could mean a constant, dull ache or a sharp stabbing sensation, and it’s considered a chronic condition if it lasts more than four to six months.

The list for its potential causes can seem endless – everything from sitting for long periods of time to menstruation to intercourse can trigger discomfort below the hips. Luckily though, after an examination by a physician, it’s usually determined not to be a sign of a more serious condition.

Rest and Rehabilitation


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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy & RehabilitationAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we make it part of our mission to cater to your care the entire time you’re in our offices. Whether you come to us after a work injury or for treatment for your fibromyalgia (or anything in between), our team of certified, trained physical therapists make your recovery our priority.

But getting back to your best takes more than making a trip to our office – sometimes it takes rest. And for some people, that can be the hardest part of recovery from your injury or condition. So how much rest do you need? How much is too much? What if you become out of shape? Well, consider this:

Surgery-Free Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow


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Rehab for Tennis Elbow Atlanta GAYou don’t have to play tennis to fall victim to the overuse injury known as tennis elbow. It’s caused by an inflammation of the tendons in the elbow, and everything from swinging a tennis racquet to cutting up veggies in the kitchen can cause it, triggering pain that radiates from your elbow down to your hands and wrists.

One of the best ways to manage the pain and symptoms of tennis elbow is to utilize an individualized rehabilitation program like the ones provided at Sovereign Rehabilitation. Our use of manual and aquatic therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular reeducation (a technique that retrains injured muscles to work properly), and more will help to reduce pain, inflammation, and joint weakness, and speed up your recovery.