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Atlanta Physical TherapistsArthritis affects millions of Americans each year. Young and old, all ages, ethnicities, social classes, male, and female can be diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, and these symptoms can keep many people from enjoying many activities. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our certified manual and physical therapists work with patients who have arthritis in order to keep them active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Sciatica Treatment


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Sciatica Treatment in Atlanta GASciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain, numbness, or weakness that are caused by an underlying medical condition. The pain and uncomfortable sensations originate in the lower back and travels through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. Rarely does sciatica occur in both legs, but it is typical to have pain in only one side of the buttock or leg. Sciatic pain can be infrequent and irritating to constant and debilitating; it can also be triggered through weight gain, such as during pregnancy. While symptoms can be painful and can last for varying lengths of time, rarely does permanent sciatic nerve damage result. For those with sciatica, Sovereign Rehabilitation offers sciatica treatment to help patients achieve long-term pain relief and increased quality of life.

Dislocated Shoulder


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Atlanta Physical TherapistsA dislocated shoulder is an injury that is caused by a fall or a blow that causes the top of the arm bone to pop out of the shoulder socket. The shoulder is prone to slipping out of place because of its incredible mobility. The arm can move in more directions than any other joint system in the body; because of this flexibility, however, a dislocated shoulder is a common injury. Sovereign Rehabilitation is a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in helping patients with shoulder injuries recover fully, as quickly as possible. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we want to partner with you and your physician to develop a comprehensive treatment program customized to your specific needs.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness


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IMG_9641Sovereign Rehabilitation decided to be a part of the LARGEST Ovarian Cancer Awareness Event in the Southeast! The 5K walk/run on September 27th was a morning full of celebrating, honoring, and remembering gynecologic cancer survivors and patients, their families, caregivers and friends.

Osteoporosis Rehabilitation


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Atlanta Osteoporosis TreatmentOsteoporosis causes bones to become brittle and break easily. Those with severe osteoporosis are likely to fracture a bone from a fall or even mild stresses such as coughing or bending over. While there is no reversal once osteoporosis develops, there are different methods of treatment that can help patients prevent many common injuries from having brittle bones. Many people with osteoporosis fear that they are going to fracture a bone from simple daily tasks. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are here to help patients improve their quality of life without fear of injury.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo


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Atlanta Treatment for VertigoBenign paroxysmal positional vertigo is one of the most common causes of vertigo – which is the sudden sensation of spinning or that the inside of the head is spinning. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is characterized by episodes of mild to intense dizziness typically triggered by specific changes in the position of the head. BPPV can be a bothersome problem and can increase a person’s chance of falling. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer effective treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo so that patients can regain their sense of balance and to learn coping mechanisms.

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy


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Orthopedic and Sports Therapy in Atlanta GAAt Sovereign Rehabilitation, we understand athletes. When an athlete is injured it takes specific rehabilitation and performance therapy programs to help him or her get back into the game. Whether an athlete has been injured during a recreational sporting activity or through a competitive sporting event, Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to offer the best rehabilitation therapy to improve performance and help the body heal properly.

Chronic Pelvic Pain


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Pelvic Pain Treatment in Atlanta GAChronic pelvic pain is a condition that affects many women each year. The pain is generally spread throughout the entire pelvic region rather than found in a specific spot. Chronic pelvic pain resides in the area below the belly button and between the hips, and it lasts longer than six months. While there are cases when chronic pelvic pain can be a symptom of another disease, chronic pelvic pain can be a condition in its own right and needs to be treated properly to find relief. Many women may never receive a specific diagnosis that explains their pain, but that does not mean that the condition is not treatable. At Sovereign Rehabilitation our licensed physical therapists work to find a treatment that focuses on managing the pain so that patients can return to their active lifestyles.

Thoracic or Lumbosacral Neuritis


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Pinched Nerve Treatment in Atlanta GANeuritis is the inflammation of nerves within the spine that causes pain and numbness to the areas that the nerves travel to within the body. Nerve roots exit out both sides of the spine column along its entire length. These nerve roots travels to all the different parts of the body. When a nerve in the spine is pinched or inflamed it can radiate pain to areas that are far away from the actual nerve itself. Nerves from the thoracic (middle) spine extend to the upper abdominal area as well as the back, neck, and area between the shoulders. Lumbar nerves extend through the lower back, gluteal muscles, upper thigh, calf, and down into the foot. Pain or numbness can be felt in any of the areas in which the nerves travel. Sciatica is the most common form of pain lumbar neuritis.

Dry Needling


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Dry Needling Treatments in Atlanta GAThere are a variety of musculoskeletal problems that can be treated with various methods. Headaches, hip and knee pain, fibromyalgia, tennis and golf elbow, neck and back pain, sciatica, tendinitis and other issues can all be treated by licensed physical therapists. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our licensed physical therapists offer different methods for treating pain. One of our treatment options is called Dry Needling, and many patients have found the pain relief that they are looking for from this simple technique.

Dry Needling involves the insertion of a thin filament needle to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues and trigger points that result in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology. A trigger point is a hyperirritable point in skeletal muscle that is associated with a hypersensitive palpable nodule. There are many medical studies that support the effectiveness of dry needling for improving pain control, reducing muscle tension, normalizing biochemical and electrical dysfunction of motor endplates, and facilitating an accelerated return to active rehabilitation. Most people report that they do not feel the insertion of the needle.