Phantom Limb Pain


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Physical Therapists in Atlanta GASovereign Rehabilitation is a comprehensive physical therapy and complete wellness partner in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Our premier therapists offer complete and exceptional care to our patients who are recovering from injury, surgery, a debilitating condition, or other conditions that require therapy for full recovery. Phantom limb pain is a condition in which a person who has had a limb amputated still feels pain at the sight of amputation. This condition ranges from mild to debilitating, and it requires the proper treatment for full recovery. At Sovereign Rehabilitation our team of therapists specializes in specific cases such as phantom limb pain, and we are committed to making our patients’ lives feel better.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


Category: Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, Physical Therapy

Atlanta Physical TherapistsSurgery can take a lot out of a person. The process of the human body being cut open and worked upon, sewn back together, and then must heal is an extremely complex situation. While surgeries happen every day all over the United States, that does not mean that recovery is instant. Many people find that they need help recovering and regaining strength following a surgical procedure. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation services by our licensed, certified manual, physical and occupational therapists. We specialize in helping patients recover from surgeries so that they can regain strength, function, and form.

Leg Pain


Category: Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, Sciatica Treatment

Atlanta Physical TherapistsLeg pain can be caused by a variety of factors and can become debilitating when not treated effectively and in an appropriate amount of time. When the RICE method of rest, ice, compression, and elevation are not proving effective at home it is important to seek professional treatment. Chronic leg pain can be a sign of significant injury to a muscle, tendon, or bone or can occur as a result of different medical conditions. Depending on the cause of the pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling sensations can also accompany the leg pain, causing a debilitating issue. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our certified manual and physical therapists specialize in helping patients with leg pain find long term relief.

Lumbosacral Neuritis


Category: Neuritis, Orthopedic and Sports Therapy

Atlanta Physical TherapyLumbosacral neuritis is the inflammation of the spinal nerves in the lower back. The lower back contains the lumbar vertebrae where a number of different spinal nerves are located. Inflammation in these nerves can cause low back pain, and it can also cause pain to travel the length of the nerves as they continue down the legs. There are different causes of lumbosacral neuritis, but essentially it is the irritation of the nerve fibers within the spinal canal that causes people to suffer pain and discomfort. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we offer patients exceptional orthopedic care provided by the industry’s premier therapists. The goal of our rehabilitation program is to help patients with lumbosacral neuritis find long-term pain relief, improved function, and a higher quality of life.

Migraine Headaches


Category: Balance & Dizziness, Headaches

Physical Therapy & RehabilitationMigraine headaches affect over 36 million Americans each year. Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households includes someone who suffers from migraine headaches. In fact, more people, including children, suffer from migraines than from diabetes and asthma combined. This debilitating condition requires specific treatment that often cannot be found from medications. Not to mention that there are many negative side effects from continuous use of medications that cause many people to stop taking the drugs, but still suffering from disabling headaches. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer comprehensive headache treatment for those in the Atlanta area.

Certified Manual Therapists


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Atlanta Certified Manual Therapists“Manual therapy” refers to hands-on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. A certified manual physical therapist is specially trained in medical screening, anatomy, physiology, joint and soft tissue mechanics, and are experts in the musculoskeletal system. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are proud to employ top certified manual therapists to help our patients find relief from various disabilities and orthopedic conditions. Certified manual therapists understand that human touch is an essential ingredient for faster recovery from injury and long lasting results from debilitating conditions.

Hip Pain


Category: Hip Injuries, Orthopedic and Sports Therapy

Atlanta Physical TherapyThe hip is a ball and socket joint that attaches the pelvis to the femur. This is one of the largest joints in the entire body, and pain associated with this joint can have negative effects on the body as a whole. There are many causes of hip pain – some causes can arise from the joint itself, while others can be associated with the structures surrounding the joint. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our professional therapists are dedicated to finding the cause of the joint pain in order to successfully treat each patient and help him or her find long lasting relief.



Category: Lymphedema, Women's Health Services

Women's Health Services Atlanta GALymphedema is a result that often occurs in women who have had damage to or removal of lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. It results in a blockage in the lymphatic system that prevents lymph fluid from draining well. When fluid does not drain well in the body’s system, buildup occurs and leads to swelling. While most cases find that the swelling only occurs in one of the arms or legs, it can occur in both limbs. There is no known cure for lymphedema, but with diligent care it can be managed. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services for those suffering from lymphedema.

Rotator Cuff Pain


Category: Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, Rotator Cuff Injury, Shoulder Rehabilitation

Physical TherapistsPain and weakness in the shoulder are often indicators of a rotator cuff disorder. Discomfort or the inability to perform everyday activities such as reaching above the head, brushing or washing hair, tucking in a shirt, or picking up a small child are all signs that the rotator cuff has been injured. Pain is typically located in the front or on the side of the upper arm and shoulder, and is almost always exacerbated when making overhead movements. Many times people who experience this pain tend to “favor” their arm, but that can cause even more stiffness and weakness in the shoulder, further promoting issues. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we offer treatment for rotator cuff pain and injury. We are a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation company that delivers individualized rehabilitation therapy services to our patients.

Parkinson’s Disease


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Parkinson's Disease Treatment in AtlantaParkinson’s Disease is a disorder of the nervous system that progressively gets worse over time. While the most common and well-known sign of Parkinson’s disease is a hand tremor, the disorder also commonly causes stiffness and slowing of movement. Parkinson’s disease symptoms worsen over time as the disorder progresses, and often times those with this disease need professional care. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we help those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease manage their symptoms and achieve greater functionality to improve their quality of life.