Can Halloween Treats Sabotage Your Treatment Plan?

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Atlanta GA Physical Therapy ClinicIt can be hard to keep your hand out of the Halloween candy bowl. And while a couple of pieces here and there may not be harmful, if you’re working on overcoming chronic pain or injury, overindulging in Halloween treats could be working against you, thanks to their sugar content.

Here are a few reasons why.

Processed sugars, like the ones found in cookies, candy, cupcakes, and sodas, up the production of inflammatory messengers in the body called cytokines. These little couriers can trigger aches and pains.

Sugar also moves the needle on the scale in the wrong direction. Added weight gain can make it harder to recover from certain types of injuries, especially those effecting joints like the knees and hips. It can also increase general aches and discomfort throughout the body, making it harder to stick to your treatment plan and recover.

Another downside of refined sugar? It shoots up insulin levels, which can increase pain sensitivity.

If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth this Halloween, opt for more recovery-friendly choices like pumpkin seeds dusted with cinnamon or baked apples (without the added sugar).

You can also go with dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa – a sweet treat full of antioxidants that help fend off infection and boost blood flow.

For more tips on managing pain as you recover from an injury or condition, contact the rehabilitative specialists at Sovereign Rehabilitation.

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