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Shoulder Bursitis


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Shoulder Pain Atlanta GA You may have heard an older person complain about their bursitis acting up and wondered what that meant. Humans have over 150 little fluid filled sacs throughout their body that cushion and lubricate the moving parts of the body. They can be found between the bones, tendons and muscles near the joints. Major bursae are found near the large joints in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.

When a bursa becomes inflamed, the condition is called bursitis. There are three main types of bursitis. (more…)

Bursitis Treatment


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Bursitis Treatment in Atlanta GABursitis is the inflammation or irritation of the bursa – which is a sac that is filled with a lubricating fluid that is located between tissues such as bones, muscles, and tendons to decrease the friction and irritation associated with movement. Bursitis is most often caused by repetitive movements and age. Overuse of a joint can increase a person’s risk of bursitis. Such activities include tennis, golf, throwing, and gardening. Age also affects who will develop bursitis. As tendons age they are less able to tolerate stress, and they become less elastic, making them easier to tear and deteriorate.