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Avoid Home Workout Injuries


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Atlanta Women's Health Physical TherapistsAs another wave of restrictions hits the country and people are once again keeping fit by working out at home, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Working out at home is convenient and some people may choose to continue this practice whether or not the gym is available. If you are one of the many people enjoy home workouts, do it safely to avoid the injuries most commonly associated with these activities. (more…)

Hip Pain


Category: Hip Injuries, Orthopedic and Sports Therapy

Atlanta Physical TherapyThe hip is a ball and socket joint that attaches the pelvis to the femur. This is one of the largest joints in the entire body, and pain associated with this joint can have negative effects on the body as a whole. There are many causes of hip pain – some causes can arise from the joint itself, while others can be associated with the structures surrounding the joint. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our professional therapists are dedicated to finding the cause of the joint pain in order to successfully treat each patient and help him or her find long lasting relief.