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How to Manage Back Pain While Working from Home


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Working From Home Atlanta GAMore people are working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home can have its advantages, but it can also be detrimental for your health. Lack of physical activity and weight gain from sitting in your home office can cause an increase in back pain. If back pain is not addressed properly, it can create musculoskeletal injuries and other orthopedic issues. Here is how you can manage back pain while working from home. (more…)

How Physical Therapy Can Help Flat Feet


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Foot Therapy Atlanta GA Approximately 25% of people have flat feet. Flat feet can be caused by numerous factors and make it difficult to participate fully in various daily activities. If you have flat feet, there are lifestyle changes and exercises that physical therapists can recommend to strengthen your foot muscles and relieve your symptoms. Here is how physical therapy can help issues with flat feet. (more…)

Physical Therapy and Your Lifestyle in Atlanta


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East Cobb Physical Therapy, GAPhysical therapy is often considered a rigid treatment option by those who have worked with an inexperienced practitioner in Atlanta. The reality is that specialist physical therapists can adapt treatment plans to your lifestyle and work.

In order for patients to fully benefit from physical therapy, it is important that there is a life/treatment balance. If you are struggling to maintain an exercise or wellness regimen, the likelihood is that little consideration is being given to your personal needs.

Give Yourself a Hand


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Hand Care and Therapy Atlanta GAWhat would you do without your hands? Thankfully, most of us don’t have to worry about that scenario. But it is not unusual to get an injury to your hand that leaves it unusable. When that happens, understanding hand therapy is a step toward regaining your full range of motion again.

Because our hands are nearly always involved it whatever we are doing, they are frequently prone to injury. Most of us spend time working in the kitchen using sharp knives, hot surfaces and electric appliances to create our food. Any of these activities can lead to an injury needing therapy in addition to healing. Severe burns leave scar tissue behind. Deep cuts can injure tendons and muscles, and an electric slicer can shear off a finger.

Sporting Teens Can Benefit from Physical Therapy


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Sports Injury Atlanta GADo you have an injury-prone teen who plays sports? One of the needless barriers to sporting success is preventable injuries. While playing harder tends to result in a greater number of painful accidents, these issues are mostly avoidable with the right conditioning.

How your teen plays a sport is only part of the equation. Balance, strength and endurance provide much needed balance in intense sporting activities. If young athletes are constantly suffering injuries that require treatment, it may indicate that they need to work on a specific element of their game. (more…)

Three Things You May Not Know About the Charley Horse


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One of the most painful types of muscle spasms you will ever experience is called the charley horse. This involuntary muscle cramp typically affects the lower leg in the calf muscle. It can also affect the muscles of the thigh. A charley horse can last a few seconds or as long as fifteen minutes. You may have already experienced the excruciating pain of one, but here are a few interesting facts you may not know about it. (more…)