Cesarean Birth Rehabilitation

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Giving birth is one of the greatest joys in a woman’s life – a beautiful baby that has been carried for nine months has made its appearance and is immediately loved. For women who have given birth via cesarean, there is no difference in the way that they love their babies – but the way they recover is dramatically different from recovering from a vaginal delivery.

A cesarean delivery is considered a major surgery. Any abdominal surgery has the potential to disrupt the abdominal muscles, and a C-section is no exception. Weakened muscles take a good deal of time to heal, and during this healing process other underlying damage can occur. Because the mid section houses strong muscles in both the abdomen and back, when muscles in either area are weak, it can cause surrounding muscles to become weakened as well. Poor posture, difficulty moving, and straining other muscles are often unwanted side effects of a cesarean birth. Because there is a significant amount of discomfort associated with a C-section delivery, women tend to “favor” a new position and method of getting around for a few weeks. While this is completely understandable, in some women this can put pressure on their spines or other muscles.

Sovereign Rehab is here to guide women in appropriate exercise performance and self care activities that will promote proper healing after a Cesarean delivery. Our therapists will work with those who have given birth via C-section to strengthen their abdominal muscles and prevent stiffness. If you have a scheduled C-section in the near future or if you are not recovering as well as you had hoped from a recent Cesarean delivery, call Sovereign Rehabilitation today for an appointment with a trained therapist to help you recover and feel even better than before you gave birth.

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