The Consequences of Chronic Pain

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Atlanta GA Treatment for Chronic PainIt’s easy to see the physical effects of chronic pain. It limits our mobility, and keeps us from participating in the activities we love. It can also make it harder to sleep, which can have far-reaching physical consequences.

But chronic pain does more than affect our bodies – it can also affect our minds, our self-esteem, and how we see ourselves. In fact, researchers have found consistently lower levels of self-esteem in patients diagnosed with a chronic, pain-inducing illness than in healthier populations.

It also has physiological consequences, impacting our mood, memory, and stress levels. Studies show that chronic pain affects specific areas of our brain responsible for mood and information storage, over time impacting our ability to remember things as well as we once did, and feel “up” or happy on a consistent basis. Chronic pain also increases stress levels, and increased stress can exacerbate chronic pain—a perpetuating cycle than makes it even harder to overcome an injury or condition.

Harvard Medical School also reported back in 2009 that people living with chronic pain were three times more likely to also suffer psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, as well as other mood disorders.

This is not surprising when we also consider that living with chronic pain can make us feel lonely and alienated from our loved ones, and barred from activities and events we once enjoyed. Chronic pain, if we let it, can hinder our ability to live our fullest lives.

Whether you’re suffering chronic pain as the result of an acute injury or chronic condition, Sovereign Rehabilitation is here for you. Our certified and trained physical therapists can help develop treatment programs designed just for you, helping you get back to the life you love.

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