Dislocated Shoulder

Atlanta Physical TherapistsA dislocated shoulder is an injury that is caused by a fall or a blow that causes the top of the arm bone to pop out of the shoulder socket. The shoulder is prone to slipping out of place because of its incredible mobility. The arm can move in more directions than any other joint system in the body; because of this flexibility, however, a dislocated shoulder is a common injury. Sovereign Rehabilitation is a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in helping patients with shoulder injuries recover fully, as quickly as possible. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we want to partner with you and your physician to develop a comprehensive treatment program customized to your specific needs.

The most common symptoms of a dislocated shoulder are: deformation of the shoulder due to the joint being out of its socket, and pain in the shoulder and upper arm that increases when the arm is moved. While it may be tempting to try to “re-set” the shoulder at home as seen in movies, it is important that the shoulder be examined and X-rayed by a doctor in order to rule out broken bones and other injuries or conditions. A dislocated shoulder needs to be treated right away. The arm bone needs to be moved back into the shoulder socket quickly because the joint will only get more swollen and more painful every minute it is out. Once the arm bone has been re-set, an immediate relief of some of the pain will be felt.

Sovereign Rehabilitation is here to help you fully recover. Soreness, swelling, and decreased flexibility are common symptoms that are still felt even after the arm bone has been put back in its socket. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we offer customized treatment plans that focus on regaining mobility and function while alleviating the pain from your shoulder. If you have dislocated your shoulder and are seeking pain relief and increased function, call us today. Our licensed therapists will work with you and physician to develop a comprehensive treatment plan specific to you. Call us today.

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