Dizziness – Distraction or Danger?

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Dizziness Treatment Atlanta GA Dizziness, that strange feeling of your body being unstable in space, woozy, unsteady or faint, can happen anywhere and anytime. Usually, it is a minor issue like a momentary drop in blood pressure or an ear infection that can be easily treated. However,  frequent dizziness can be a sign of something more serious. So how do you know if your dizziness means it’s time for some treatment?

When Your Dizziness Becomes Problematic

If your dizzy spell arises out of the blue, it’s time to take a quick self-check. Have you eaten and had plenty of hydration? Is there any pain or drainage from your ears? Did you start a new medication? The answers to these questions can help determine if you need extended care.

Vertigo is a form of dizziness that makes everything around you feel like it is moving or spinning. This sensation can make it difficult to walk safely and falling is a significant concern. It can also make you feel nauseous and cause vomiting. Vertigo is often triggered by an ear infection or another disease of the ear. Treating this type of vertigo is usually an easy process.

If your vertigo comes on suddenly, accompanied by a severe headache or slurred speech, call 911. There may be a more serious concern, such as a stroke or a heart condition. Most often, though, dizziness and vertigo are not life-threatening.

Regaining Your Balance

Far more frequently, dizziness and vertigo are symptoms of an imbalance within the peripheral or central nervous system. Imbalances are also treatable in almost all cases. Therapy can focus on gradual re-training and reintegration. Often the sessions will start with calming activities and lower-level movements, increasing to regular activities in a measured process. There are techniques to compensate for vision problems, helping you to adjust to the situation.

If you are struggling with dizziness or vertigo and your doctor has ruled out things like an infection or blood pressure issues, Sovereign Rehabilitation can help. Contact our office today to make an appointment for therapy to restore your balance in life.

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