Do You Do the Heavy Lifting?

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Back Pain Atlanta GA Whether it is your job and you do it on a daily basis, or if you only do it occasionally at home, proper lifting of heavy objects is important for back health. Doing it wrong can result in straining your back muscles. In fact, lifting heavy objects improperly causes many avoidable back problems.

You may be surprised to learn that just ten pounds of weight puts 100 pounds of pressure on lower back muscles. For every ten pounds you lift, you add an additional 100 pounds of pressure to your back. No wonder your back hurts when you do the heavy lifting. Lifting heavy objects repeatedly over time can do serious damage to back muscles. Lifting properly can save those muscles.

How to Lift a Heavy Object

People who must lift heavy objects for their job should go through training and have a support belt to help protect back muscles. You can reduce the pressure on your back by following these simple steps:

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and one foot ahead by a little.
  • Use palms and fingers to grip the load and not fingers alone.
  • Squat down close to the object keeping your heels on the floor
  • Straighten your legs using the muscles of your legs, buttocks and abdomen to lift the load. Keep your back as straight as possible.
  • Do not twist or turn without moving your feet. If you need to change direction, move with your feet and turn your entire body. Avoid twisting at the waist.

Following these guidelines will help you avoid back injury when doing the heavy lifting, whether at work or at home.

Other Tips to Protect Your Back

Whenever possible, avoid lifting heavy objects higher than shoulder level. You can adjust shelving so heavier objects are on lower shelves. The safe zone for lifting heavy objects is between waist level and shoulder level. Use carts or dollies to move heavy objects rather than carrying them. When using a cart, push it to save strain on your back.

Back issues are a specialty at Sovereign Rehab. If you have a back injury, make an appointment with us. Our professionals will create a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling better.

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