Do You Have the Bees Knees?

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Knee PainWhen people refer to something as being the ‘bee’s knees,’ it means it is excellent or very high quality. So, how are your knees doing these days? Are they the bee’s knees or does it depend on the weather or your level of activity? Keeping your knees healthy is not entirely a matter of age. It is more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When Knee Pain Gets You Down

There are several reasons a person may have pain in one or both of their knees. Sports injuries are one of the most common reasons for such pain. Alongside that are the millions of people who suffer from osteoarthritis. With its varying degrees of degeneration, this pain can range from mild to excruciating.

In addition to arthritis pain, sometimes the discomfort is a result of a mechanical problem. A dislocated kneecap is very painful. Sometimes you can even see that your kneecap has slipped to the outside of the knee. Another mechanical issue occurs when a piece of bone or cartilage breaks off and floats around in the joint space. Loose bodies, as they are called, generally may not cause a problem unless they interfere with the movement in the joint. In such a case, it is similar to an object getting caught in a door hinge.

Keeping Your Knees Healthy

Ideally, you are keeping your body and your joints in shape. This is best managed through effective exercise and healthy eating. Preventing bad knees does not take hard work, but it does take commitment. Here are a few tips for you to follow:

  • Exercise – Make sure your exercise routine is one that helps and does not hinder progress. Some individuals will benefit more from low impact exercises, especially if they already have knee problems.
  • Practice the right moves – Whether you are exercising or participating in sports, make sure you are doing the right movements. Get a professional to check to make sure you are not moving in ways that could lead to problems or injury.
  • Watch your weight – You have heard it time and again. Maintain a healthy weight for your frame. Obesity is a major contributor to knee problems.
  • Work on strength and flexibility – Knee injuries are most often caused by weak muscles, so work on strengthening those muscles and keeping them flexible. Practice balance and stability exercises. These will help your knees work better.

Knee pain can be a major setback and interfere with all your daily activities. Life can be much sweeter and more enjoyable when you your knees are in excellent shape. Getting older does not have to mean you will end up with painful knees. Living a healthy lifestyle will keep you feeling young and moving with ease.

When your knees are not in the best shape and you need help to get back on track, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation. We make life feel better.

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