Does the Nature of a Workplace Injury Affect My Rehabilitation Needs?

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Physical Therapy Atlanta GAThe simple answer as to whether the nature of a workplace injury affects physical rehabilitation is, yes. Every injury and medical condition will impact range of motion, pain and capabilities in different ways. There are several other factors that also require consideration.

The areas of the body most affected by workplace accidents will vary, and some accidents may result in more than a single injury. It is therefore important that a full needs assessment is carried out before your physical rehabilitation plan is created.

Physical Mobility Injuries

Injuries that reduce range of movement or mobility will affect your ability to work and enjoy life in general. These injuries require both a work and lifestyle approach when it comes to physical rehabilitation. The ideal outcome is returning to normal, but this will not be possible for every patient.

Some patients require rehabilitation that is more geared toward adjusting to a disability. Furthermore, it may become necessary to have adjustments made at the home and workplace. Occupation therapists can help with this aspect of home and working life. If you do need reasonable accommodations in the workplace, your employer can also provide support.

Workplace Injuries & Bad Practice

If your job involves strenuous activities, injuries can occur without the right training or practices. An orthopedic surgeon can repair the damage but you may need additional therapy. Working on how to avoid further injuries is an essential part of balanced rehabilitation.

While your employer is responsible for providing adequate training and putting safety measures in place, there are also ways that you can prevent injuries from reoccurring. Strengthening exercises, improving form during strenuous activities and avoiding pushing your body too far are just some examples of self-care in the workplace.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we can take care of most after-injury care all in one place. If you have had an accident in the workplace, call today to learn more about how we can help.

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