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Sports Injury Atlanta GA The fall sports season is underway, and kids are involved in all types of athletics. It is great for them to be unplugged and active. Exercise is necessary to keep them in shape and for brain stimulation. Being involved in sports also boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. Another plus is the cultivation of leadership and team building skills. But what happens when your child gets hurt on the field? If it is a minor injury, a little time sitting it out or walking off the pain is fine, right? Wrong.

The High Risk for Sports Injuries

Nationally, each year about 30 million youth participate in sports. Of those, over 3.5 million will be injured at some time during their participation. There are estimates that four in ten emergency room visits for kids ranging in age from five years old to fourteen are due to injuries from playing some type of sports. Some of these injuries are preventable.

Young bodies are growing throughout childhood and adolescence. Unlike adults, the bones, tendons and muscles of youth are more susceptible to injury because they are still in the growth stage. An injury that may not be serious for an adult could cause trauma to a child.

At the top of the list for high risk activities are the contact sports. Football, soccer and hockey produce the most injuries for youth. Strains and sprains are common. Broken bones and torn ligaments are also popular injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, are also at the top of the sports injuries list.

Take Time to Heal

For decades, athletes both amateur and professional have taken the “walk it off” stance and played while injured. If an injury does not have enough time to heal, more damage can be done, and some of it can be serious.

Stress fractures can heal quickly when given time to heal properly. When they are ignored, they can turn into more painful fractures and require a longer healing time. Sprains and strains also need time to heal properly. Many athletes make the mistake of getting back on the field before they have had a chance to fully recuperate.

Possibly the most damage is done when a concussion is not given time enough to heal. Returning to the field too soon after a head injury could lead to serious brain injury. What may seem like a little bump on the head could turn into a major problem if not treated and allowed to heal completely.

It is understandable that your child may want to get back on the field as soon as possible, particularly if he or she does not feel the pain of the injury, or if the pain is minimal. Allowing your child to play with an injury is taking a risk for further problems.

If your child gets injured while playing sports, seek medical attention. If physical therapy is recommended, finding a rehab center with experience in treating children’s sports injuries is important.

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