Why Dry Needling May Be a Necessary Part Of Your Comprehensive Care Plan

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 the doctor explains the procedure to the patientDry needling is a treatment technique that utilizes a solid filament needle to treat your muscle trigger point, which may be causing your pain or discomfort. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we sometimes use dry needling as part of your comprehensive care plan as a specific tool to reduce your pain. Dry needling is not used as an isolated treatment, but rather as an effective component to your treatment.

If dry needling is part of your treatment plan you can expect:

  1. A sturdy, solid FDA-regulated needle to be used to stimulate your trigger points in your muscles to help it relax.
  2. No liquids are injected into your body.
  3. At the time when the needle is injected, you will most likely experience a muscle twitch or quiver. These involuntary reactions are the beginning of your muscle relaxation.
  4. As your muscles relax, your body will experience a reduction in the compression on your joint, nerve or tissue that has been causing you pain.
  5. While you may feel a slight pain when the needle is inserted, it can be a signal that the trigger point is the cause of the pain.

Call Sovereign Rehabilitation today to discover if dry needling should be a part of your comprehensive treatment and care plan. We are your trusted source in Atlanta, Georgia for dry needling. Call one of our Atlanta area locations today because we make life feel better!

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