Encouraging Your Teen’s Physical Therapy

Atlanta GA Physical Therapists for TeenagersIf you have a teenager living in your home, congratulations! You’ve entered an exciting journey. The teenage years can actually be a really fun time for your family.

Common teen traits include not-so-positive personalities such as moodiness, rebelliousness, perfectionism, insecurity and a strong need for approval. But there’s a positive and exciting flipside of the teen years as well. Independence, adventurous, risk-taking, maturing, growing awareness and intellectual curiosity are all common traits that signal your child has entered the teenage years.

If you have a teen that requires physical therapy it can be a bit more challenging. Smaller children typically have no say in their daily schedules and where they go. Parents determine and “drive” kids’ schedules. If you have a teenager, they will want to have a say in almost every aspect of the day’s plans. They may be reluctant to getting the required physical therapy that is necessary.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you have a teen that needs physical therapy.

  • Even though your teen wants to show their independence, they still require and want your guidance and direction (even if they roll their eyes at you).
  • Your teen may be moody. The good news is that moods come and go quickly. Don’t let your teen’s current bad mood determine how the physical therapy appointment will go.
  • Capitalize on your teen’s self-centeredness during this age to motivate them to get the help they need to recover so they can get back to being the most awesome kid that they know they are!

Our team at Sovereign Rehabilitation offers effective treatment for your teen post surgery or serious illness. We tailor your teen’s rehabilitation to their specific needs and will focus on helping him or her return to normal function and a normal quality of life.

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