Fine Motor Skills For Children

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Two Young Children Playing with ToysIf you have a child who has been identified as having difficulties with fine motor skills, it can sound a little scary. No parent ever wants to hear that his or her child is struggling. However, there is very effective pediatric treatment and therapy available to you that can help develop your child’s fine motor skills and enable her to function purposely in her environment.

What are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills have to do with smaller muscle group movements such as through the fingers, hands or wrists. The opposite of fine motor skills are gross motor skills which are movements related to your large muscles, like your legs, arms and other large muscles groups.

Fine Motor Skills Importance

Fine motor skills are important because they allow your kids to execute crucial tasks during development like grasping, grabbing, moving and reaching. These skills allow your child to be more independent and give them a sense of cause and effect related to how his body works. Typical fine motor skills may include: coloring with crayons, using scissors or brushing teeth.

Fine Motor Milestones

Fine motor milestones are determined to help your determine if your child is on track and progressing. Here is an article by Parents describing the particular fine motor milestones. It even gives you tips on how to build fine motor skills and warning signs (“When to Worry”) for you to be aware of.

There are times when your child may require occupational therapy to develop the functional skills necessary to flourish. If this is the case, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today. We’ll look forward to seeing you and your little one in one of our convenient and caring locations around Atlanta.

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