Four Tips for Spine Health

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Back Pain Atlanta GA The majority of American adults will suffer from nagging back pain at some point in their lives. While there are many causes for this discomfort, taking precautions and practicing healthy spine habits will decrease the likelihood that you will suffer with back pain.

Practicing healthy habits takes a little time and special consideration but when it comes to the alternative, your efforts are well worth the return on spinal health. You can avoid being one of the millions of people who lose time from work or become disabled due to back pain by following these tips for spine health.

  1. Strengthen core muscles – Lower back and abdominal muscles make up your core. Many individuals exercise these muscles in order to look fit and trim with a well-sculpted waist and flat belly. An even better reason to strengthen these muscles is to take pressure off your back with a well-supported spine.Core muscles are not usually engaged during the average daily routine. Therefore, over time they become weak and the back becomes more vulnerable to injury. Add core strengthening to your daily routine with targeted exercises for the abdominals and back muscles and your risk for back injury will decrease.
  2. Move more, sit less – So many of us have jobs that contribute to sedentary lives. Hours sitting at the computer puts a tremendous load on the spinal discs in your lower back. This can aggravate an already sore back. Getting up and stretching or doing some form of exercise every 20 or 30 minutes will help keep your back flexible and healthy. Consider working at a standup desk for a portion of your workday.
  3. Wear the right shoes – If your shoes are hurting your feet, chances are they are ruining your back as well. Having the right shoes for walking or running is vital for foot, leg and back health. However, it is just as important to have supportive shoes for everyday activities. When you consider the hours you spend on your feet every day, it only makes sense that you wear shoes that support your back. Proper shoes will help keep your spine in alignment.
  4. Get a supportive bed – Ideally, you spend about a third of your day in bed sleeping. During this time, your muscles are resting and repairing themselves from the stresses of the day. Optimal rejuvenation comes from sleeping on a bed that adequately supports your spine from top to bottom. Choose a mattress and pillows that are comfortable and give your spine the best support possible.

Back problems can be debilitating whether they arise from an accident at work, improper lifting of your little one, an injury or some other cause. When you feel back pain, get it checked out for prompt treatment.

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