Functional Capacity Evaluation

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Sovereign Rehabilitation logoIf you have been injured on the job, your insurance will require that you have a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine your ability to function in a variety of circumstances. Everyone who has a work related injury must have an objective evaluation, including those who are seeking worker’s comp or disability payments. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are able to provide a comprehensive and objective functional capacity evaluation.

A functional capacity evaluation is required by law for all peoples who have been injured on the job, all peoples who are seeking disability payments, and/or all peoples who must have extended medical leave. These evaluations must be performed by certified physical therapists who assess the capacity function of each individual. At Sovereign Rehab, our experienced professional therapists will perform a four hour test to focus on the physical body and its functional movements. This test will assess the maximum “safe abilities” that you are able to perform under various stresses. This test will also assess your strength, endurance, efficiency of movement, and coordination as it pertains to your requirements for work.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation we are committed to providing professional assessments for your capacity test. Functional Capacity Evaluations are required by law to determine if an employee is able to resume working in a capacity “commensurate with his or her skills or abilities” before the disability or medical condition was diagnosed. We specialize in providing functional capacity evaluations to injured workers, and we will work with you, your doctor, and your insurance to evaluate your capacity level and your healing progression until you are able to fully return to your “pre-injured” work state.

If you need to set up a Functional Capacity Evaluation, call us today. We look forward to serving you.

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