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Hand Care and Therapy Atlanta GAWhat would you do without your hands? Thankfully, most of us don’t have to worry about that scenario. But it is not unusual to get an injury to your hand that leaves it unusable. When that happens, understanding hand therapy is a step toward regaining your full range of motion again.

Because our hands are nearly always involved it whatever we are doing, they are frequently prone to injury. Most of us spend time working in the kitchen using sharp knives, hot surfaces and electric appliances to create our food. Any of these activities can lead to an injury needing therapy in addition to healing. Severe burns leave scar tissue behind. Deep cuts can injure tendons and muscles, and an electric slicer can shear off a finger.

Our hands are also prone to tendon and muscle injury from repetitive actions, such as typing or assembly line work. These repetitive movements can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Nerve injuries, fractures and dislocations are also common hand injuries.

Hand injuries are more than inconvenient. They are often extremely painful and can stop you from performing necessary, everyday tasks.

Therapy for Your Fingers

There are many different ways therapy can soothe, heal and retrain your hands, so you regain full motion of your hands without pain. We provide a wide variety of treatments so we can give you what you need. A few examples include strengthening, range of motion stretches, wound care and techniques to reduce sensitivity. Hand therapy can help you perform functional activities both at home and at work.

We use a variety of tools to give you back full movement whenever possible. Ultrasound, electrical stimulation and iontophoresis are all effective ways to promote deep healing and relieve pain.

If you incur a hand injury, look to Sovereign Rehabilitation for treatment. Contact our office for an appointment with one of our licensed hand therapists and start your path back to health today.

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