Habits to Break If You Have Back Pain

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Sovereign-Logo-Facebook1There may not be a magic cure-all for back pain, but there are a few things, including physical therapy, that can help reduce pain and manage your symptoms.

These, however, are not those things. These bad back habits can actually increase your pain and up your chances for further injury – so steer clear.

1. Slouching. If you suffer from lower back pain, slouching is one of the first habits you need to break. Poor posture puts undue pressure on joins, muscles, and spinal disks. It also contributes to nerve compression, and overtime, can cause poor body alignment. Aim to sit up straight, and if you have to be at a desk all day, make sure it’s ergonomic and back friendly.

2. Skipping out on working out. Lack of physical activity can make back pain worse by reducing circulation and increasing weight gain. Underworked core muscles are also unable to support the muscles in your lower back, and that can cause lower back pain to recur. Work to stay active instead, and if strenuous cardio isn’t your thing, consider more gentle workouts like yoga, which are great at combating pain in the lower back (and decreasing stress – another back pain trigger).

3. Bending, and lifting things that are too heavy. Chronic bending and lifting are rough on anyone, but especially those of us suffering from lower back pain. Bending forward puts pressure on the discs in your back and can aggravate existing nerve issues. If you do have to lift heavy items, ask for help, use a back brace, and bend at the knees, instead.

4. Smoking. You’re probably pretty familiar by now with the harmful effects of smoking, but did you know it could also make lower back pain worse? Smoking has been shown to increase pain, and may actually trigger lower back problems in those who don’t already have it. If you need help kicking the habit, speak with your doctor.

For more tips on combatting chronic pain, talk with a certified rehabilitation specialist at Sovereign Rehabilitation today!

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