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Hand Therapy Specialists in Atlanta GAA person’s hands are used for almost everything that is done throughout the day. Perhaps you have never noticed just how often you use your hands and fingers until an injury makes the simplest tasks difficult. Zipping and buttoning pants can seem like an impossible task for someone who has lost or injured a thumb; brushing the teeth can be quite the challenge for a person who has injured their dominate hand and must brush with the non-dominate hand. While minor hand injuries can be treated at home with rest, ice, over the counter pain medications, and simple exercises, major hand injuries require medical treatment followed by physical therapy to rehabilitate the hand.

Common injuries to the hands include falls that fracture or break the wrist and/or fingers, burns, cuts from knives or glass. Stress injuries are also common and are usually associated with overuse of the hand or wrist over a prolonged period of time (e.g. carpal tunnel). Hand injury rehabilitation is key to recovery. Hand rehabilitation is designed to help patients regain range of motion, prevent joint stiffness, and strengthen the muscles of the hand. At Sovereign rehabilitation we have a number of certified hand therapists who specialize in treating and rehabilitating hand burns, wounds, fractures, and infections. Patients who need to return to a job with physical demands will also receive stimulated work conditioning so that they are prepared to do the job(s) that they are required to do in order to return to work and maintain their position.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation we provide effective treatment for hand injuries. Hand rehabilitation is designed to help patients recover from injury, regain function, and help those with severe injuries find lifelong strategies to cope with daily activities so that they can function independently. Our therapists are devoted to making life feel better. Please call us today.

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