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Atlanta Hand TherapyThe hands are important parts of the body that most people could not imagine life without. However, many people experience injuries to their hands each year in the United States that require them to learn to reuse these extremely important appendages. Burns, surgical rehabilitation, rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are the most common conditions treated through hand therapy in order for patients to regain full use, movement, and function of their hands. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we are a provider of comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy with a number of Certified Hand Therapists who specialize in treating conditions that affect the hands.

The Certified Hand Therapists at Sovereign Rehabilitation offer hand therapy treatments that are designed to help patients heal completely from injuries and surgical procedures and restore function. Our therapists are also specialized in treating patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis to develop and implement a comprehensive treatment program designed to alleviate symptoms and restore the use of the hands and fingers so that every day life is more manageable. Our therapists not only work with patients in-office to strengthen the hands and relearn function techniques, but they also work with patients to develop a comprehensive home program including range of motion exercises, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our goal is for our patients to live their best lives. Losing the loss of hand function (for a short period of time or for an indefinite period) can cause frustration and fear. We understand how important the hands are to day-to-day life, and we are committed to working with our patients to develop a customized treatment program that meets the needs of each patient. Contact us today to learn about our rehabilitation treatments.

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