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Woman with Wrist Pain on a Cell Phone Atlanta GA Georgia’s new distracted driving law prohibits motorists from physically holding their cell phones while driving. According to an article in the AJC, nearly 1,000 tickets and warnings were issued just 4 days after the Hands Free Georgia Law (HB673) went into effect. The best way to avoid getting caught and to follow the law is to get a phone mount to keep it out of your hands and unsupported by any part of your body.

Cell phones can cause you wrist problems as well. According to HealthDay News, “People who spend lots of time on their smartphones may be scrolling, tapping and swiping their way to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful wrist and hand disorder.”

With extended use of your smartphone you may also experience “texting thumb” from repetitive stress. You may also suffer from pain from overuse in your wrist because your tendons that connect your thumb can be inflamed at your wrist. Your elbow may even experience discomfort because it is constantly being bent while you view your screen on your phone.

If you are experiencing wrist pain due to overuse of your cellphone, it’s time to take a break. Take breaks from your screen and do some stretching and rest for your wrist, elbow and fingers. Utilize the voice-to-text feature on your phone if you have it. You may need to use ice to reduce inflammation as well.

If ice and rest do not help with your wrist pain, it’s time to book your Atlanta hand therapy appointment at Sovereign Rehabilitation today. We will accurately assess your wrist issue and provide you with effective treatment to help your wrists and hands be free of pain. Call us today.

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