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Atlanta GA Effetive Treatments for Back PainThe art of sitting properly to avoid injury 

As you consider the source of your back pain, you may do a mental inventory of all of the activities that you did recently. Could it be attributed to that hard workout you had on Wednesday? Or could it be due to the heavy load you carried for a friend yesterday? However, there are times when your back pain has nothing to do with a strenuous physical activity you did. It could be due to improper sitting technique.

Listed below are some questions you can ask yourself to evaluate if your sitting position is attributing to your back pain.

  • Do I have my hips pushed as far back as they can go in my chair?
  • Are my shoulders and back in a straight line?
  • Am I taking periodic breaks when I’m sitting for long periods of time?
  • Am I practicing active sitting by moving my neck and adjusting my position periodically?
  • Is my body weight distributed equally on both hips?
  • Are my knees at a right angle with my legs uncrossed?
  • While driving, do I have sufficient back support at the curve of my back?

If you are experiencing back pain at work, play or home, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation. Our goal is to help you recover from your injury and to help you prevent future injuries as well.

If you’re looking for experienced and caring relief from your back pain, contact Sovereign Rehabilitation today.

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