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Atlanta GA Physical Therapists and RehabilitationThey are one of the most commonly experienced pain conditions in the world, and their causes are as varied as the people who experience them – from genetics and specific medical conditions, to illness, food allergies, hormones, stress and more.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly half of the adult population – 47% – has had at least one headache in the past year alone. The WHO also reports that headaches are “underestimated, under-recognized, and under-treated throughout the world.”

While they range in cause and severity, most headaches fall into one of three categories: migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache disorder. They’re experienced by more than 70% of the population, and are characterized by a feeling of pressure around the back of the head at the neck, although you may also feel pain behind the eyes and temples.

Migraines tend to come on in the form of attacks, and can leave sufferers debilitated from pain. They cause sensitivity to light and sound, and can trigger nausea, dizziness, even vomiting, that’s only alleviated by lying down in a dark, quiet room.

Cluster headaches aren’t as common, and tend to affect more men and women. These headaches come on suddenly and sufferers often feel severe, intense pain on one side of the head, around the eye.

If you’re suffering from migraine or cluster headaches, give Sovereign Rehabilitation a call today. We offer therapeutic treatments such as manual therapy, dry needling, massage, muscle energy techniques and more to help you not only combat your current headache pain, but also potentially prevent headache recurrence in the future.

We look forward to helping you live and feel better!

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