Helping Your Incontinence Naturally

Atlanta GA Physical TherapistsDo you avoid sneezing at all costs? And if you absolutely have to sneeze, are you required to cross your legs otherwise you may have an involuntary reaction in your pelvic region? If you’re suffering from incontinence, it’s probably something you don’t discuss with your friends, family or coworkers around the lunch table. Urinary Incontinence is not like having a sore muscle in your back. Incontinence can be embarrassing to those that suffer from it.

Incontinence is a loss of control over your unitary control. It usually results in the loss of urine at times when you aren’t planning on going to the bathroom. It’s an inconvenience and embarrassment when you have unexpected wetness on your pants or skirt.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation we have treatments and instructions on how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prevent the unwanted bladder releases. We can train you in biofeedback for you to learn how to correctly tighten and relax your pelvic floor muscles.

In addition to our methods for helping with your incontinence, you may also want to try a natural solution. Cypress essential oil has been used anciently for its benefits on the urinary system and in situations where there is excessive loss of fluid. Aromatically, it creates a feeling of security and grounding. A few drops of cypress oil can be mixed with coconut oil and can be rubbed on the lower abdomen.

Be sure to consult with our experts at Sovereign Rehabilitation when suffering from incontinence. We can get you on the road to feeling secure with your urinary functions.

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