Helping Prevent Falls From BPPV For National Safety Month In June

Elderly Women Doing Physical Therapy in Stockbridge GADuring the month of June the National Safety Council highlights National Safety Month. Each week a different safety topic is given the spotlight. Each one is focused on injury prevention in your work, on the road and in your home and community. Week three of the month of June focuses on preventing falls that cause injury.

Sovereign Rehabilitation is honored to help patients who suffer from conditions that cause falling. Falls are often as a result of dizziness or balance disorders. One such balance and dizziness disorder that we treat is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

BPPV is a disorder in your inner ear’s vestibular system, and is most commonly caused by injury to your head, but it can also occur for no known reason. If you’re suffering from BPPV you will have compromised movements and visual motor issues that create dizziness and balance issues, which can result in a fall.

Although BPPV has to do with your ear, it does not affect your hearing. It is most common for older adults to suffer from it, but is rarely seen in children as well.

Some common triggers for BPPV include:

  1. Rolling over in bed
  2. Tipping your head to look upward
  3. Bending over
  4. Quick head movements

There is highly effective treatment available to you if you suffer from BPPV. You do not have to just live with or deal with BPPV. At Sovereign Rehabilitation we make life feel better for patients who suffer from BPPV. Call one of our area locations today so we can get you scheduled for an appointment.

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