Helping Your Baby’s Torticollis At Home

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 mother with her childOur team at Sovereign Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping infants who suffer from torticollis. Torticollis is also known as twisted neck or “wryneck.” It occurs when your infant’s neck is twisted, which makes her head tip to one side while her chin is rotated toward her shoulder. When you discover your baby has torticollis, it’s important to get the proper help needed to prevent future disease or injury.

Sovereign Rehabilitation’s trained professionals will work to re-position the affected neck muscles. Our physical therapy methods are highly successful, especially when treatment is started early and diligently executed by our professional physical therapists.

In addition to Sovereign Rehabilitation’s physical therapy methods, there are things you can do at home to help your baby who suffers from torticollis.

Tummy Time

When your baby plays on their tummy, they are assisting in their own development. Use tummy time for play. This helps strengthen the neck and he learns to control his head movements at the same time. Be sure to place favored toys or pets so he has to turn his face to the opposite side of the torticollis.

Mommy Time

So much of your day is spent carrying your baby from here to there. Hold your little one facing away from you, while lying on their side. If your baby’s tightness if on the right side, rest her right ear against your right forearm. Position your forearm between the ear and shoulder to stretch the tight muscles.

Yummy Time

Strategically place yourself in a position where your child must turn her head away from the tight muscles in order to stretch it and to take a bite from your spoon.

Our specialists at Sovereign Rehabilitation will work with you and your little one to make “life feel better” for you and your infant.

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