How Physical Therapy Can Help Children with Down Syndrome

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Child With Down Syndrome Atlanta GAA child living with Down Syndrome is like any other child who wants to do things. Kids love to play, interact with others and be engaged with their environment. These actions require development of gross motor skills. Kids with Down syndrome have low muscle tone in addition to other physical characteristics that make certain movements more challenging for them. Because of their decreased strength, the motor skills of these children develop differently than the typical child.

In an effort to do the things they want to do, these children will find ways to accomplish their goals by compensating for the difference in their physical makeup. Without guidance, these actions could lead to complications that could later cause long-term problems. An inefficient walking pattern and foot pain are examples. With proper physical therapy, such problems can be avoided.

Development of Gross Motor Skills

Physical therapy for the child with Down syndrome is not about trying to catch up with the typical child’s motor development. Instead, it seeks to help the child develop a life-long foundation for physical exercise, which helps with a variety of development concerns. Good posture, proper foot alignment and an efficient walking pattern are a just a few of the outcomes for physical therapy.

Each child is unique in his or her abilities. A well-qualified and experienced physical therapist understands how to assess and work with the child and parents to produce the optimal outcomes based on the child’s abilities. Progress with physical therapy will vary from child to child. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s development, and at the same time are cautioned that the goal is quality in development and not acceleration of it. Like a flower, each child blooms in his or her own time. Patience and compassion are required from all those working with the child.

Down syndrome poses a variety of challenges for the children and their families. Excellent physical therapy delivered by caring professionals can make some of those challenges a little less daunting.

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