How Physical Therapy Can Help Flat Feet

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Foot Therapy Atlanta GA Approximately 25% of people have flat feet. Flat feet can be caused by numerous factors and make it difficult to participate fully in various daily activities. If you have flat feet, there are lifestyle changes and exercises that physical therapists can recommend to strengthen your foot muscles and relieve your symptoms. Here is how physical therapy can help issues with flat feet.

Strengthen Your Flat Feet with Exercises

Exercises and stretching can increase flexibility and range of motion for individuals suffering from flat feet. Some common exercises that can be beneficial include heel stretches and toe raises. These exercises may be able to change the physical shape of your feet to prevent flat feet pain in the future. Physical therapy specialists can recommend the best exercises to strengthen your foot muscles to improve your overall quality of life.

Recommend Orthopedic Support Devices and Shoes

If you have flat feet, it is important to wear shoes with good arch support to decrease tension and prevent pain. Custom made orthotics can provide cushioning and shock absorption. This can help you prevent joint and spine problems while standing or walking. Physical therapy can recommend special orthopedic devices and shoes that can strengthen muscles and relieve pain from flat feet.

Flat Foot Therapy Procedures

There are flat foot physical therapy procedures that can help relieve pain from flat feet. Some therapy procedures that may be beneficial include joint manipulation, dry needling and neuromuscular re-education. The therapy treatments will depend on what is causing your flat feet so you can achieve greater flexibility and muscle strength.

Relieve Flat Foot Pain with Physical Therapy

Pain from flat feet can worsen over time and spread to other areas of your body, such as muscles, tendons and joints. At Sovereign Rehabilitation, we can help you with customized physical therapy treatment plans to help relieve pain from your flat feet. Schedule a consultation today.

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