Iliotibial Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome Treatment in Atlanta GAIliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is an injury that occurs with the iliotibial band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin, is tight or inflamed. ITBS is one of the most common “overuse” injuries that occurs among runners. The IT band attaches to the knee and helps to stabilize and move the joint. When the IT band is not working like it should, movement of the knee becomes painful. IT band syndrome can be painful enough to put even the most avid runner out for weeks, and even affect the day to day walking movements.

Sovereign Rehabilitation provides comprehensive physical and rehabilitation therapy services throughout the greater Metro Atlanta area. Our facilities feature licensed, certified therapists who specialize in treating patients with IT Band Syndrome. We understand how important it is for active runners to remain active; therefore we are committed to helping patients with IT Band Syndrome find long-term relief, improved function, and a higher quality of life. Our licensed physical therapists offer a wide variety of therapeutic treatment options for our patients to treat the pain and inflammation that occurs with IT Band Syndrome. From manual therapy, aquatic therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, muscle energy techniques, and more we are dedicated to helping athletes return to their active lifestyles (whether recreational or competitive) sooner and at a higher level.

At Sovereign Rehabilitation, our staff is dedicated to helping patients feel better physically because we understand the correlation that exists between the physical body and the mental outlook. If you are suffering from IT Band Syndrome, don’t wait another day to call Sovereign Rehab. We can help you achieve your rehabilitation goals.

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